Our Business

●Processing and jig manufacturing of aerospace parts
1. Machining and manual finish of jet engine parts including: casings, disc, cylinders, compressor discs and turbine discs.
2. Manufacturing of jet engine processing jigs including: fixing jigs for lathe turning, milling, drilling, grinding, measuring and welding.

●Low/high pressure and ultra low temperature compressor parts
1. Machining, assembly, regular inspection and repair of reciprocating compressor parts including: pistons,connecting rods,check/suction/discharge/flow control/oil pressure control /clearance valves and rod sealing cases.

●High pressure controller valve (for thermal power stations)
1. Machining and assembly of neumatic/electric control drive and positioner parts for automatic control system including: drive box and pilot valves 2. Maching of flow control valve parts for the boiler steam valve,and heavy crude oil check/starting valve parts including: valve bodies, cages, stem discs, piston actuators and housings

●Marine anchillery engine turbine parts
1. Machining of steam turbine components including:casings, cylinders, disc rotors, shut-off valve parts, impellers and nozzle

●Cylinder parts
1. Machining of neumatic and hydraulic cylinder parts

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Contact Person Yasuhiro Misashi / E-mail sagamihara[at]misashi.co.jp